Ancient Monolith

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Ancient Monolith
Ancient monolith.png
Biome N/A
Consists of Ancient Stone.png Ancient Stone
Ancient Runic Stone 1.png Ancient Runic Stone
Ancient Obelisk.png Ancient Obelisk
Ancient Socket.png Ancient Socket
Ancient Catalyst.png Ancient Catalyst

20px Journey Chest

Version added

Ancient Monoliths are structures that spawn in the Overworld.


Ancient Monoliths generate on the surface of the Overworld.

They will only generate specifically in the Overworld. Ancient Monoliths will generate inside the ground of superflat worlds.


File:Ancient Monolith Interior.png
The interior of the Ancient Monolith.

Ancient Monoliths are small structures made out of Ancient Stone, in the shape of a pillar with surrounding pillars. An Ancient Obelisk appears at the top.


The Ancient Monoliths are closed by default and must be opened.

To open it, Ancient Parts must be put in the slots. The ancient parts include:

Ancient Chunk.png Ancient Chunk
Ancient Fragment.png Ancient Fragment
Ancient Piece.png Ancient Piece
Ancient Shard.png Ancient Shard

The parts are dropped by Ancient Machine Block which are found on the surface of the overworld.

The structure is then opened by using the Ancient Eye of Opening on the Ancient Obelisk. It is dropped by the Sentry King.


The following can only be obtained from the chests in this structure

Obtained from
Ancient Stone.png Ancient Stone Chests