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A biome is a region in Minecraft with different mobs, flora, foliage, etc. Most dimensions in Journey into the Light has one biomes each.

List of biomes[edit]

Biome name Image Dimension Description Temperature
Frozen Lands Frozen Lands.png Frozen Lands This is the biome used to make up the Frozen Lands. ?
Earthen Nether 250px The Nether This biome is filled with grass and small trees. ?
Blood Forest Blood Forest.png The Nether A biome overrun with trees and mushrooms. ?
Blood Forest Edge 250px The Nether The edge of the Blood Forest biome. ?
Heat Sands Heat Sands.png The Nether A desert biome found within the nether. ?
Boiling Point Boil Point.png Boiling Point This is one of the biomes found in the Boiling Point. ?
Boiling Sands 250px Boiling Point A desert biome found in the Boiling Point. ?
Charred Fields Boiling Point.png Boiling Point A biome filled with trees. ?
Scorched Wasteland Scorched Wasteland.png Boiling Point A biome covered in spikes. ?