Boiling Point

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Boiling Point
Boiling Point.png
Prerequisite dimension The Nether

The Boiling Point is a fire-based dimension.


The Boiling Point is a dimension with two layers. The dimension has 1 boss, as well as 3 structures and 2 ores. The Boiling Point has resources needed to fight Soul Watcher.


The Boiling Point can be accessed by building a nether-portal shaped portal with Boiling Point Portal Frame and lighting it with a Flame Coin. Boiling Point Portal Frames can be found in the Boiling Portal Dungeon.


The landscape of the Boiling Point is very flat, with trees and plants on top.

The surface is covered in fiery plants and trees. Ashual Ore and Blazium Ore can be found generating in the Boiling Point.


Naturally Generating
Hot Ground.png Hot Ground
Ash Block.png Ash Block
Boiling Log.png Boiling Log
Burning Leaves.png Burning Leaves
32px Lava
32px Flame Flower
32px Inferno Plant
Burnt Grass.png Burnt Grass
Generates in Structures
32px Hot Brick
32px Sizzling Post
Boiling Lamp.png Boiling Lamp
Boiling Log.png Boiling Log
Brison Bars.png Brison Bars
32px Screamer Spawner
32px Observer Spawner


There are three biomes that can be found on the Boiling Point:

Biome name Image Description Temperature
Boiling Points 250px This is the default biome of the dimension covered mostly in Hot Ground. 0.5
Charred Fields 250px This biome its the natural source for finding Boiling trees and its all covered in Charred Grass. 0.5
Scorched Wasteland Scorched Wasteland.png Mostly this biome is covered in Scorched Rubbles but aside from the presence of Scorched Stalagmites, its mostly empty. 0.5


There are four major structures that can be found in the Boiling Point:

Image Structure name Description
Boiling Lamps Brison.png Boiling Lamps Brison These are small dungeons that contain lamps, Screamer and Observer Spawners and also there will be an Escaped Convict at the center.
Boiling Tower.png Boiling Tower These are dungeons that contains Hellwing Spawners inside and also loots.
Boil Trader's House.png Boil Trader's House These are small houses that contains the Boil Trader.
Boiling Loot Temple.png Boiling Loot Temple a small temple with some loots in


There are 6 hostile mobs in the Boiling Point. Most of them spawn naturally, but 3 of them spawns exclusively in a structure. Although a lot of the mobs are limited to land, a some of them are capable of flight, and can be seen flying around the Boiling Point.

There are two NPCs and one boss in the dimension as well.


Name Spawning Requirement Useful Drops
Burning Light.png Burning Light Spawns naturally. Boiling Powder.png Boiling Powder, Blazing Fireball.png Blazing Fireball
Frightener.png Frightener Spawns naturally. Boiling Powder.png Boiling Powder
Hellwing.png Hellwing Spawns in the Boiling Tower structure. Boiling Skull.png Boiling Skull, Iron Sword.png Iron Sword
Magma Blaze.png Magma Blaze Spawns naturally. Blaze Powder.png Blaze Powder, Boiling Powder.png Boiling Powder
Observer.png Observer Spawns in the Boiling Lamps Brison structure. Hellcrust Ingot.png Hellcrust Ingot, Boiling Powder.png Boiling Powder, Sizzling Eye.png Sizzling Eye
Screamer.png Screamer Spawns in the Boiling Lamps Brison structure. Hellcrust Ingot.png Hellcrust Ingot, Boiling Powder.png Boiling Powder, Sizzling Eye.png Sizzling Eye

See individual mob pages for more information.

Other Mobs[edit]

Name Spawning Requirement Useful Drops
Flame Lotus.png Flame Lotus Unknown. None

See individual mob pages for more information.


Name Spawning Requirement Useful Trades:
Boil Trader.png Boil Trader Spawns in the Boil Trader's House structure. Flaming Bow.png Flaming Bow, Boiling Blade.png Boiling Blade, Molten Knife.png Molten Knife, Char Skull Helmet.png Char Skull Helmet, Char Skull Chestplate.png Char Skull Chestplate, Char Skull Leggings.png Char Skull Leggings, Char Skull Boots.png Char Skull Boots, Snakeskin Helmet.png Snakeskin Helmet, Snakeskin Chestplate.png Snakeskin Chestplate, Snakeskin Leggings.png Snakeskin Leggings, Snakeskin Boots.png Snakeskin Boots
Escaped Convict.png Escaped Convict Spawns naturally around the Boiling Lamp Brison structure. Charred Bow.png Charred Bow, Charred Blade.png Charred Blade, Blood Wielder.png Blood Wielder

See individual mob pages for more information.


Name Spawning Requirement Useful Drops:
Blazier.png Blazier Spawned by using a Burning Fireball.png Blazier Orb. Blazing Bow.png Blazing Bow, Sizzler Sword.png Sizzler Sword, Sizzling Knife.png Sizzling Knife, Hell Shards.png Hell Shards, Flame Helmet.png Flame Helmet, Flame Chestplate.png Flame Chestplate, Flame Leggings.png Flame Leggings, Flame Boots.png Flame Boots

See individual boss pages for more information.


The Resources that can be obtained in the Boiling Point are:

Misc Items Obtained from
Blaze Powder.png Blaze Powder Magma Blaze
Blazing Fireball.png Blazing Fireball Burning Light and Exposed Flame
Boiling Powder.png Boiling Powder Burning Light, Exposed Flame, Frightener, Magma Blaze, Observer and Screamer
Boiling Skull.png Boiling Skull Hellwing
Hellcrust Ingot.png Hellcrust Ingot Observer and Screamer
Sizzling Eye.png Sizzling Eye Observer and Screamer
Swords Obtained from
Iron Sword.png Iron Sword Hellwing
Blood Wielder.png Blood Wielder Escaped Convict
Boiling Blade.png Boiling Blade Boil Trader
Charred Blade.png Charred Blade Escaped Convict
Sizzler Sword.png Sizzler Sword Blazier
Bows Obtained from
Blazing Bow.png Blazing Bow Blazier
Charred Bow.png Charred Bow Escaped Convict
Flaming Bow.png Flaming Bow Boil Trader
Throwables Obtained from
Molten Knife.png Molten Knife Boil Trader
Sizzling Knife.png Sizzling Knife Blazier
Armor Obtained from
Char Skull Helmet.png Char Skull Helmet Boil Trader
Char Skull Chestplate.png Char Skull Chestplate Boil Trader
Char Skull Leggings.png Char Skull Leggings Boil Trader
Char Skull Boots.png Char Skull Boots Boil Trader
Snakeskin Helmet.png Snakeskin Helmet Boil Trader
Snakeskin Chestplate.png Snakeskin Chestplate Boil Trader
Snakeskin Leggings.png Snakeskin Leggings Boil Trader
Snakeskin Boots.png Snakeskin Boots Boil Trader
Flame Helmet.png Flame Helmet Blazier
Flame Chestplate.png Flame Chestplate Blazier
Flame Leggings.png Flame Leggings Blazier
Flame Boots.png Flame Boots Blazier

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