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This page shows all of the changes, additions and bug-fixes that are introduced with each update.



> Added a lot of dimension upgrades

> 2 new Boiling Point biomes

> 2 new Euca Biomes

> 3 new Corba Biomes

> 1 new Terrania Biome

> Added 'Ruins' to the Overworld and Corba

> New foliage

> Added Lore Scrolls (WIP)

> Added a handful of new Baubles

> Added 2 new Loot Box tiers

> Added 2 new Loot Pouch tiers

> Added Boss Crystals to replace trophy / chest combination upon boss death

> Added proper loot to Goldite Tree dungeons in Euca

> Added proper loot to Icicle Dungeons in Frozen Lands

> Added Incubator and some pets (WIP)

> Added all wood types to OreDictionary, along with some other missing items


> Moved Loot Boxes to ruins structures

> Made portal blocks unbreakable, and behave more like Nether Portals now

> Loot Boxes now drop 3 potentially different item sets

> Changed Euca's dominant color scheme to gold

> Removed Water Walker enchantment

> Started changing textures to match post-1.12 texture style

> Added new Hammer models

> Improved Frozen Land's bottom-layer tree style

> Made Heart Containers Baubles instead of consumable items


> Fixed a lot of missing Item JSONS

> Fixed Overseers, Surface Seers and Overseer Elders killing themselves from getting too close to blocks

> Fixed several server/client sync issues



> Rebalanced bow damage values

> Changed damage values for some Knives

> Reworked boss AI slightly

> Wasteful Bow now shoots / consumes 2 arrows

> Made ore generation less rare


> Added more foliage to Euca

> Added some items to the Senterian Labyrinth [W.I.P]

> Added a new room to the Senterian Labyrinth

> Added balmy teardrop to Nether Dungeon chests [Rare]

> Some bows have custom pullback times (Fluffy Bow has fastest)


> Fixed 'Journey Into the Light' theme not being played in Euca

> Removed a lot of model errors

> Fixed furnace recipes

> Stun-swords no longer 1-hit mobs

> Fixed cave vine crashing

> Fixed vanilla music playing over dimension music



> Tweaked Floro AI

> Rebalanced Battleaxes

> Made Battle Hearts have a max limit (40HP for standard, 60HP for sentry)

> Made Battle Hearts configurable


> Added official RU lang support

> Gravel can now be turned to flint with the Grindstone

> Added new boss, Guardian of Destruction, to Senterian Labyrinth [NOT FINISHED]


> Fixed TEISR server-side crash

> Fixed lang-generator crash on server



> Changed Journey Chest rendering to be better

> Made Euca trees spherical

> Changed Blood Rune recipe to use Balmy Teardrop

> Changed the way Locked Chests work

> Rebalanced Hammars and Swords

> Changed Euca Smeltery structure

> Changed Swamp Fly and Terralight rendering

> Made [Frozen Lands]] tree gen better

> Changed Gem Block textures

> Completely reworked Blazier boss fight

> Completely reword Sentry King boss fight

> Made Rockite Golems despawn

> Tall Glowshrooms now drop as a single item


> Added new Euca dungeon

> Added new Overworld Dungeon, Rockite Lair

> Added an abundance of new Overworld dungeon loot

> Added Senterian Altar

> Added new rooms to the Senterian Labyrinth

> Added back Euca spheres to Euca [veteran players remember]

> Added new Overworld miniboss: Rockite Smasher

> Added locked chest key

> Added new Terrania Dungeon [W.I.P]

> Added SFX for Swamp Fly Bottle

> Added Frozen Lands dungeon and mini-boss [W.I.P]

> Added new saplings for all trees, drop from respective leaves

> Added back Hot Touch and Water Walker enchantments

> Added compat for Chocolate Quest loot tables

> Added new Frozen Lands record

> Added loot to Vanilla dungeon loot tables


> Fixed GL Error causing freezing / huge memory overload with The Aether Legacy

> Fixed rendering issue with Swamp Fly Bottle

> Fixed blocks disappearing when right-clicking Berry Bushes

> Dramatically decreased WorldGen lag in Overworld and other dimensions

> Fixed Corba Log recipe

> Fixed Boss Health and Essence Bar rendering when in F1 / hide GUI mode

> Fixed flight for flying bosses

> Fixed Knives

> Max health limit is not longer 1024



> A few dimensions change

> Summoning table now requires a Summoning Shrine structure.


> New Menu!

> JEI Intergration for Summoning Table

> Dimension music tracks

> A bunch more!



> Added back the use of the Flame Coin

> Some more efficient gen code for structures

> Made Lunium Ore more 'vanilla' like



> Senterian Labyrinth dimension [W.I.P]

> Sentry Block, Sentry Lord, Sentry Stalker and Sentry Walker mobs [W.I.P]

> Cloud Flower mob: spawns in Cloudia. Bounces player in the air if jumped on, gives player jump boost if attacked

> Flame Lotus mob [W.I.P]

> Depths Pillar: new structure in Depths

> New Depths blocks [W.I.P]


> Made Tower Guardian's ranged attack half as powerful

> Euca islands are now much larger

> Depths now has two separate layers

> Lowered the light level on Glowshrooms and Cave Vines

> Certain mob drops are now slightly more common

> Witherspines attacks are less powerful

> Blacksmith and Mage structures are slightly less common

> Removed most 'Bird' mobs, except for Turducken

> Keys now get consumed when used on a lock

> Removed Corba, Senterian Labyrinth, and Depths portal block restrictions when placing items into slots at certain angles


> Fixed Hellwing's wing animation from being horizontal instead of vertical

> Dimensions are now much less laggy

> Fixed Terranian Trader NPC being suffocated in its own home

> Berry bushes should now generate in their proper biomes

> Fixed Battleaxes having only 3 uses

> Fixed Wraiths and Spectres spawning in dimensions other than the Overworld and the Nether

> Enforced spawning rules on all Overworld mobs

> Sped up portal times

> Fixed portal block orientation

> Fixed Depths and Corba teleporters



> New End-style Depths Portal design

> Dark Gem item: used to activate new Depths portal

> Obsidian Rod Item

> Config option to show Essence Bar


> Swords now require Obsidian Rods to be crafted

> Ashual ore now generates in Boiling Point


> Berry bushes are now translucent again

> Cave mobs no longer spawn in the wrong dimensions

> Fixed Cloudia teleporter

> Bows now having proper pull-back animation

> Fixed armor on server-side

> Fixed bug where plants couldn't be walked through