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Prerequisite dimension Euca

The Depths is an eerie underground dimension.


The Depths is a dimension with two layers. The dimension has 2 bosses, as well as 2 structures and 2 ores.


The Depths can be accessed by building an end-portal shaped portal with Depths Portal Frame and lighting it by filling each portal frame with a Dark Gem. Depths Portal Frames are crafted from Depths Portal Gems, which drop from Eudor and the Corallator.


The landscape of the Depths in both layers is very flat, with trees and plants on top.

The surface is covered in drooping trees and glowing plants. Large veins of Depths Lights generate commonly on the ground. Depths Light blocks also form glowstone-like clusters on the ceiling of both layers. Flairium and Des can be found generating in the Depths. It is easy to spot them on the ceiling.


Naturally Generating
Depths Grass.png Depths Grass
Depths Dirt.png Depths Dirt
Depths Log.png Depths Log
Depths Leaves.png Depths Leaves
Depths Flower.png Depths Flower
Depths Blue Flower.png Depths Blue Flower
Darkbloom.png Darkbloom
Generates in Structures
Dark Brick.png Dark Brick
Dark Shingle.png Dark Shingle
Darkly Gate.png Darkly Gate
Darkly Lock.png Darkly Lock
Dark Floor.png Dark Floor
32px Dark Sorcerer Spawner
Depths Chest.png Depths Chest


There are two structures that can be found in the Depths:

Image Structure name Description
Dark Sorcerer's Dungeon.png Dark Sorcerer's Dungeon Dungeons that contain a chest with scales, Aquastones, Beastly Stomachs, and Depths Flakes, and a spawner that spawns Dark Sorcerers, which drop Dark Orbs.
Depths Watchtower.png Depths Watchtower A short tower that has an NPC on it, which sells a Dark Key among other things..


There are 7 hostile mobs in the Depths. Most of them spawn naturally, but one of them spawns exclusively in a structure. Although a lot of the mobs are limited to land, some of them are capable of flight, and can be seen flying around the Depths.

There is one NPC and two bosses in the dimension as well.


Name Spawning Requirement Useful Drops
Spiked Beast.png Spiked Beast Spawns naturally. Dark Crystal.png Dark Crystal, Depths Flake.png Depths Flake
Dark Sorcerer.png Dark Sorcerer Spawns in the Dark Sorcerer's Dungeon. Dark Crystal.png Dark Crystal, Dark Orb.png Dark Orb, Fire Wand.png Fire Wand
Darkener.png Darkener Spawns naturally. Dark Orb.png Dark Orb, Dark Crystal.png Dark Crystal, Depths Flake.png Depths Flake
Lightener.png Lightener Spawns naturally. Scale.png Scale, Dark Crystal.png Dark Crystal, Depths Flake.png Depths Flake
Deapths Hunter.png Deapths Hunter Spawns naturally. Dark Crystal.png Dark Crystal
Deapths Beast.png Depths Beast Spawns naturally Dark Crystal.png Dark Crystal, Beastly Stomach.png Beastly Stomach
Darkness Crawler.png Darkness Crawler Spawns naturally. Dark Crystal.png Dark Crystal

See individual mob pages for more information.


Name Spawning Requirement Useful Trades:
Starring Guardian.png Starring Guardian Spawns in the Depth Watchtower structure. Depths Slayer.png Depths Slayer, Depths Bow.png Depths Bow, Depths Darksword.png Depths Darksword, Dark Enforcer.png Dark Enforcer, Dark Key.png Dark Key

See individual mob pages for more information.


Name Spawning Requirement Useful Drops:
Thunderbird.png Thunderbird Spawned by using a Leaders Pearl.png Leader's Pearl. Roc Sword.png Roc Sword, Sword of the Thunderbird.png Sword of the Thunderbird, Thunderbird Battleaxe.png Thunderbird Battleaxe, 32px Roc's Wing, Corba Portal Gem.png Corba Portal Gem
Scale Boss.png Scale Spawned by using an Aquatic Egg.png Aquatic Egg. Bubble Sword.png Bubble Sword, Scale Bow.png Scale Bow, Corba Portal Gem.png Corba Portal Gem

See individual boss pages for more information.


The Resources that can be obtained in the Depths are:

Misc Items Obtained from
Dark Crystal.png Dark Crystal Spiked Beast, Deapths Beast, Deapther Hunter, Darkener, Lightener, Dark Sorcerer, and Darkness Crawler
Dark Orb.png Dark Orb Dark Sorcerer
Depths Flake.png Depths Flake Darkener, Lightener, and Spiked Beast
Beastly Stomach.png Beastly Stomach Deapths Beast
Scale.png Scale Lightener
Swords Obtained from
Roc Sword.png Roc Sword Thunderbird
Sword of the Thunderbird.png Sword of the Thunderbird Thunderbird
Thunderbird Battleaxe.png Thunderbird Battleaxe Thunderbird
Bubble Sword.png Bubble Sword Scale
Bows Obtained from
File:Roc's Wing.png Roc's Wing Thunderbird
Scale Bow.png Scale Bow Scale

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