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Prerequisite dimension Nether

Euca is a heavenly sky-island dimension.


Euca is a floating island dimension with open access to the void. The dimension has two bosses, as well as 1 structure and 4 ores. From Euca the player is able to access the Depths dimension.


Euca can be accessed by building a nether-portal shaped portal with Euca Portal Frame and lighting it with a Flame Coin. Euca Portal Frames can be crafted from Euca Portal Pieces, which can be obtained as a drop from Nether bosses.


The landscape of Euca is formed by many massive islands that float in the sky. The islands are composed of Euca Stone, with Euca Dirt and Euca Grass on top. The terrain of the islands is rather mountainous, having many tall cliffs and overhangs. The islands generate fairly close together.

The surface of the islands is covered in gold and silver plants and trees. Celestium Ore, Storon Ore, Mekyum Ore, and Korite Ore veins can be found generating in Euca Stone in enormous quantities.

The islands float over the void.


Naturally Generating
Euca Grass.png Euca Grass
Euca Dirt.png Euca Dirt
Euca Stone.png Euca Stone
Celestium Ore.png Celestium Ore
Storon Ore.png Storon Ore
Mekyum Ore.png Mekyum Ore
Korite Ore.png Korite Ore
Golden Euca Log.png Golden Euca Log
Golden Euca Leaves.png Golden Euca Leaves
Silver Euca Leaves.png Silver Euca Leaves
File:Golden Stalks (top).png Golden Stalks (top)
File:Golden Stalks (middle).png Golden Stalks (middle)
File:Golden Stalks (bottom).png Golden Stalks (bottom)
File:Golden Bulb.png Golden Bulb
File:Golden Bloom.png Golden Bloom
Generates in Structures
Euca Bricks.png Euca Bricks
Euca Tile.png Euca Tile
File:Goldbot Spawner.png Goldbot Spawner
File:Silverbot Spawner.png Silverbot Spawner


There are three biomes that can be found in Euca.

Biome name Image Description Temperature
Euca Golden Forest 250px This is one of the two variants of the Euca Forest, with Silver and Golden Euca trees, covered ina Golden variant of the Euca Grass. 0.5
Euca Silver Forest 250px The second variants of the Euca Forest, this time with only Silver Euca trees, covered in a Silver variant of the Euca Grass . 0.5
Euca Goldite Grains 250px This luscious biome gets its name from the rich presence of Goldite Oak trees and Goldite stalks, different from the variants of the Euca Forest this biome is mostly covered in Goldite Grass sporting a green tonality. 0.5


There are Three structures that can be found in Euca:

Image Structure name Description
Bot Spawners.png Bot Spawners These are small dungeons that contain spawners that spawn Goldbots and Silverbots. They can be found generating on the islands.
Mender's Home.png Mender's Home A small house where the Alloy Mender reside in, inside there are also some loot inside.
Goldite Tree Dungeon.png Goldite Tree Dungeon these spherical dungeons generate between the islands, inside there are Goldbots spawners but its still a work-in-progress since the chests inside are empty


There are 7 hostile mobs in Euca. Most of them spawn naturally throughout the islands, but 2 of them spawns exclusively in a structure. Although some of the mobs are limited to land, a lot of them are capable of flight, and can be seen flying around Euca.

There is one NPC and two bosses in the dimension as well.


Name Spawning Requirement Useful Drops
Dynaster.png Dynaster Spawns naturally. Royal Disk.png Royal Disk, Shimmer Dust.png Shimmer Dust
Euca Charger.png Euca Charger Spawns naturally Gate Keys.png Gate Keys, Shimmer Dust.png Shimmer Dust
Goldbot.png Goldbot Spawns in the Bot Spawner structure and in the Goldite Tree Dungeon. Gold Clump.png Gold Clump Gate Keys.png Gate Keys Metal Disk.png Metal Disk
Golder.png Golder Spawns naturally Golder Dust.png Golder Dust, Silver Clump.png Silver Clump, Gold Clump.png Gold Clump
Goldite Mage.png Goldite Mage Spawns naturally. Ice Wand.png Ice Wand
Shimmerer.png Shimmerer Spawns naturally. Shimmer Dust.png Shimmer Dust, Gate Keys.png Gate Keys
Silverbot.png Silverbot Spawns in the Bot Spawner structure. Silver Clump.png Silver Clump, Gate Keys.png Gate Keys, Metal Disk.png Metal Disk

See individual mob pages for more information.

Other Mobs[edit]

Name Spawning Requirement Useful Drops
Euca Hopper.png Euca Hopper Unknown (a pet possibly). None

See individual mob pages for more information.


Name Spawning Requirement Useful Trades:
Alloy Mender.png Alloy Mender Spawns in the Mender's House structure. Royal Bow.png Royal Bow, Royal Blade.png Royal Blade, Royal Hammer.png Royal Hammer, Celekium Battleaxe.png Celekium Battleaxe, Celestite Battleaxe.png Celestite Battleaxe, Storum Battleaxe.png Storum Battleaxe, Bronzed Battleaxe.png Bronzed Battleaxe

See individual mob pages for more information.


Name Spawning Requirement Useful Drops:
Corallator.png Corallator Spawned by using a Gem of Peculiar Smelting.png Gem of Peculiar Smelting. Depths Portal Gem.png Depths Portal Gem, Core Mender.png Core Mender, Core Expender.png Core Expender
Eudor.png Eudor Spawned by using a Valuable Crown.png Valuable Crown. Depths Portal Gem.png Depths Portal Gem, Kings Sword.png Kings Sword

See individual boss pages for more information.


The Resources that can be obtained in Euca are:

Misc Items Obtained from
Gate Keys.png Gate Keys Euca Charger, Goldbot, Shimmerer, and Silverbot
Gold Clump.png Gold Clump Golder and Goldbot
Golder Dust.png Golder Dust Golder
Metal Disk.png Metal Disk Goldbot and Silverbot
Royal Disk.png Royal Disk Dynaster
Shimmer Dust.png Shimmer Dust Dynaster, Euca Charger, and Shimmerer
Silver Clump.png Silver Clump Golder and Silverbot
Portal Gems Obtained from
Depths Portal Gem.png Depths Portal Gem Corallator and Eudor
Swords Obtained from
Core Mender.png Core Mender Corallator
Kings Sword.png Kings Sword Eudor
Royal Blade.png Royal Blade Alloy Mender
Battleaxes Obtained from
Bronzed Battleaxe.png Bronzed Battleaxe Alloy Mender
Celekium Battleaxe.png Celekium Battleaxe Alloy Mender
Celestite Battleaxe.png Celestite Battleaxe Alloy Mender
Storum Battleaxe.png Storum Battleaxe Alloy Mender
Staffs Obtained from
Ice Wand.png Ice Wand Goldite Mage
Bows Obtained from
Core Expender.png Core Expender Corallator
Royal Bow.png Royal Bow Alloy Mender
Hammers Obtained from
Royal Hammer.png Royal Hammer Alloy Mender

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