Frozen Lands

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Frozen Lands
Frozen Lands.png
Prerequisite dimension Overworld

The Frozen Lands is a snowy ice-based dimension.


The Frozen Lands is a dimension with two layers. The dimension has no bosses, as well as 1 structure and no ores. The Frozen Lands is not part of the main progression.


The Frozen Lands can be accessed by building a nether-portal shaped portal with Frozen Lands Portal Frame and lighting it with a Flame Coin. Frozen Lands Portal Frames can be crafted from Snowballs and a Diamond.


The landscape of the Frozen Lands is split into two layers. The upper layer is composed of Brittle Ice, with trees and plants on top. The lower layer is composed of Frozen Stone, with Frozen Dirt and Frozen Grass on top of it. The terrain of both layers is flat, with forests on it.

The surface of both layers is covered in frozen plants and trees. No ore veins can be found generating in the Frozen Lands.


Naturally Generating
32px Brittle Ice
32px Frozen Grass
32px Frozen Dirt
32px Frozen Stone
32px Frozen Bark
32px Frozen Leaves
32px Candy Cane
32px Frozen Lamp
32px Workshop Stone
File:Perma Flower.png Perma Flower
File:Shiver Flower.png Shiver Flower
File:Ice Bush.png Ice Bush
File:Frostberry Thorn.png Frostberry Thorn
File:Ice Bud.png Ice Bud
File:Frozen Blooms.png Frozen Blooms
Generates in Structures
32px Frozen Bricks
Frozen Planks.png Frozen Planks
File:Glass Pane.png Glass Pane
32px Ice
File:Icicle.png Icicle
File:Journey Chest.png Journey Chest
File:Frostbiter Spawner.png Frostbiter Spawner


There are two structures that can be found in the Frozen Lands:

Image Structure name Description
300px Ice Dungeon These are small dungeons that contain spawners that spawn Frozen Frostbiters. They can be found generating on the top layer.
300px Frozen Merchant's House These are small dungeons that contains the Frozen Merchant. They can be found generating on the bottom layer.


There are 11 hostile mobs in Euca. Most of them spawn naturally throughout the islands, but 2 of them spawns exclusively in a structure. Although some of the mobs are limited to land, a lot of them are capable of flight, and can be seen flying around Euca.

There is one NPC and two bosses in the dimension as well.


Name Spawning Requirement Useful Drops
100px Crystal Cluster Spawns naturally. Crystal Flake.png Crystal Flake
100px Frozen Frostbiter Spawns in the Ice Dungeon structure. Frost Flake.png Frost Flake
100px Frozen Troll Spawns naturally. None
100px Permafraust Spawns naturally. None
100px Shatterer Spawns naturally None
100px Shivering Bushwalker Spawns naturally. None
100px Shivering Shrieker Spawns naturally. None
100px Shiverwing Spawns naturally. Essence Feather.png Essence Feather, Bird Wing.png Bird Wing

See individual mob pages for more information.


Name Spawning Requirement Useful Trades:
File:Frozen Merchant.png Frozen Merchant Spawns in the Frozen Merchant's House structure. Frosty Sword.png Frosty Sword, Frosty Bow.png Frosty Bow, Frosty Piercer.png Frosty Piercer, Frostbitten Sword.png Frostbitten Sword, Frostbitten Bow.png Frostbitten Bow, Frostbitten Piercer.png Frostbitten Piercer, Crystal Flake Helmet.png Crystal Flake Helmet, Crystal Flake Chestplate.png Crystal Flake Chestplate, Crystal Flake Leggings.png Crystal Flake Leggings, Crystal Flake Boots.png Crystal Flake Boots, Frostbitten Helmet.png Frostbitten Helmet, Frostbitten Chestplate.png Frostbitten Chestplate, Frostbitten Leggings.png Frostbitten Leggings, Frostbitten Boots.png Frostbitten Boots

See individual mob pages for more information.


The Resources that can be obtained in Euca are:

Misc Items Obtained from
Bird Wing.png Bird Wing Shiverwing
Crystal Flake.png Crystal Flake Crystal Cluster
Essence Feather.png Essence Feather Shiverwing
Frost Flake.png Frost Flake Frozen Frostbiter
Swords Obtained from
Frostbitten Sword.png Frostbitten Sword Frozen Merchant
Frosty Sword.png Frosty Sword Frozen Merchant
Bows Obtained from
Frostbitten Bow.png Frostbitten Bow Frozen Merchant
Frosty Bow.png Frosty Bow Frozen Merchant
Throwables Obtained from
Frostbitten Piercer.png Frostbitten Piercer Frozen Merchant
Frosty Piercer.png Frosty Piercer Frozen Merchant
Armor Obtained from
Crystal Flake Helmet.png Crystal Flake Helmet Frozen Merchant
Crystal Flake Chestplate.png Crystal Flake Chestplate Frozen Merchant
Crystal Flake Leggings.png Crystal Flake Leggings Frozen Merchant
Crystal Flake Boots.png Crystal Flake Boots Frozen Merchant
Frostbitten Helmet.png Frostbitten Helmet Frozen Merchant
Frostbitten Chestplate.png Frostbitten Chestplate Frozen Merchant
Frostbitten Leggings.png Frostbitten Leggings Frozen Merchant
Frostbitten Boots.png Frostbitten Boots Frozen Merchant

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