Journey Food

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Air Melon.png Air Melon Bird Wing.png Bird Wing Blue Honglowshroom.png Blue Honglowshroom
Bogberry.png Bogberry Bradberry.png Bradberry Breathing Fungus.png Breathing Fungus
Cherry Candy Cane.png Cherry Candy Cane Chocolate Bar.png Chocolate Bar Cooked Bird Wing.png Cooked Bird Wing
Cooked Flaming Beef.png Cooked Flaming Beef Cooked Fungus.png Cooked Fungus Corveggies.png Corveggies
Crake Bulb.png Crake Bulb 40px Enchanted Golden Potato 40px Enchanted Golden Wing
Euca Meat.png Euca Meat Flaming Ghast Tentacle.png Flaming Ghast Tentacle Floro Pedal.png Floro Pedal
Fried Egg.png Fried Egg Fried Flaming Tentacle.png Fried Flaming Tentacle Fried Ghast Tentacle.png Fried Ghast Tentacle
Fruity Candy Cane.png Fruity Candy Cane Ghast Tentacle.png Ghast Tentacle Glowa.png Glowa
Glowshroom.png Glowshroom Golden Potato.png Golden Potato Golden Wing.png Golden Wing
Green Honglowshroom.png Green Honglowshroom Honglowshroom.png Honglowshroom Hongoshroom.png Hongoshroom
Jelly Beans.png Jelly Beans Juiceberry.png Juiceberry Kraken Canes.png Kraken Canes
Mint Candy Cane.png Mint Candy Cane Peppermint.png Peppermint Raw Flaming Beef.png Raw Flaming Beef
Red Honglowshroom.png Red Honglowshroom Sizzleberry.png Sizzleberry Slimy Flesh.png Slimy Flesh
Snake Flesh.png Snake Flesh Spine Berries.png Spine Berries Tangleberry.png Tangleberry
Terrashroom.png Terrashroom Tomato.png Tomato Vanilla Wafer.png Vanilla Wafer
Zat Pedal.png Zat Pedal