Journey Weapons

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Blood Wielder.png Blood Wielder Boiling Blade.png Boiling Blade Bubble Sword.png Bubble Sword
Calcia Sword.png Calcia Sword Celestium Sword.png Celestium Sword Champions Sword.png Champions Sword
Charred Blade.png Charred Blade Cloud Slicer.png Cloud Slicer Core Mender.png Core Mender
Creative Sword.png Creative Sword Crystal Blade.png Crystal Blade Dark Pine Sword.png Dark Pine Sword
Depths Darksword.png Depths Darksword Depths Slayer.png Depths Slayer Des Sword.png Des Sword
Dragons Tooth.png Dragons Tooth Flairium Sword.png Flairium Sword 40px Fluffy Blade
Frostbitten Sword.png Frostbitten Sword Frosty Sword.png Frosty Sword Golem Sword.png Golem Sword
Gorbite Sword.png Gorbite Sword Healers Sword.png Healers Sword Hellstone Sword.png Hellstone Sword
Kings Sword.png Kings Sword Korite Sword.png Korite Sword Loggers Sword.png Loggers Sword
Lunium Sword.png Lunium Sword Mekyum Sword.png Mekyum Sword Natures Blade.png Natures Blade
Netherbeast Sword.png Netherbeast Sword Orbadite Sword.png Orbadite Sword Pedal Sword.png Pedal Sword
Poison Sword.png Poison Sword Reinforced Crystal Sword.png Reinforced Crystal Sword Reinforced Stone Sword.png Reinforced Stone Sword
Roc Sword.png Roc Sword Royal Blade.png Royal Blade Royal Stabber.png Royal Stabber
Sapphire Sword.png Sapphire Sword Sentry Sword.png Sentry Sword Shadium Sword.png Shadium Sword
Sizzler Sword.png Sizzler Sword Snow Shoveler.png Snow Shoveler Starlight Blade.png Starlight Blade
Storon Sword.png Storon Sword Sword of the Thunderbird.png Sword of the Thunderbird Terralight Sword.png Terralight Sword
Terrana Sword.png Terrana Sword Terrolica Sword.png Terrolica Sword 40px Terronic Blade
The Wraith.png The Wraith Thunder Blade.png Thunder Blade Tree Hugger.png Tree Hugger
Vinestrand Blade.png Vinestrand Blade Volite Sword.png Volite Sword Wither Sword.png Wither Sword
Witheringbeast Sword.png Witheringbeast Sword Withic Blade.png Withic Blade

See specific pages for individual weapon information, or see Swords for a comparison chart.


Crystalized Hammer.png Crystalized Hammer Earthen Hammer.png Earthen Hammer Flaming Hammer.png Flaming Hammer
Hammer of Creative Spellbinding.png Hammer of Creative Spellbinding Nethic Hammer.png Nethic Hammer Overgrown Hammer.png Overgrown Hammer
Rocky Hammer.png Rocky Hammer Royal Hammer.png Royal Hammer Withic Hammer.png Withic Hammer

See specific pages for individual weapon information, or see Hammers for a comparison chart.


Back Biter.png Back Biter Bronzed Battleaxe.png Bronzed Battleaxe Celekium Battleaxe.png Celekium Battleaxe
Celestite Battleaxe.png Celestite Battleaxe Crystalized Battleaxe.png Crystalized Battleaxe Dawn Breaker.png Dawn Breaker
Rocky Battleaxe.png Rocky Battleaxe Storum Battleaxe.png Storum Battleaxe Tempest Battleaxe.png Tempest Battleaxe
Thunderbird Battleaxe.png Thunderbird Battleaxe

See specific pages for individual weapon information, or see Battleaxes for a comparison chart.


Blazing Bow.png Blazing Bow Charred Bow.png Charred Bow Core Expender.png Core Expender
Dark Enforcer.png Dark Enforcer Dark Terra Bow.png Dark Terra Bow Darkness Bow.png Darkness Bow
Death Piercer Bow.png Death Piercer Bow Depths Bow.png Depths Bow Flame Bow.png Flame Bow
Flaming Bow.png Flaming Bow Fluffy Bow.png Fluffy Bow Frostbitten Bow.png Frostbitten Bow
Frosty Bow.png Frosty Bow Frozen Bow.png Frozen Bow Fusion Bow.png Fusion Bow
Golem Bow.png Golem Bow Lavender Bow.png Lavender Bow Loggers Bow.png Loggers Bow
Mantle Bow.png Mantle Bow Overgrown Bow.png Overgrown Bow Overseer Bow.png Overseer Bow
Poison Bow.png Poison Bow Rocs Wing.png Rocs Wing Royal Bow.png Royal Bow
Scale Bow.png Scale Bow Spring Bow.png Spring Bow 40px Staring Bow
Starlight Bow.png Starlight Bow Terralight Bow.png Terralight Bow Terrian Bow.png Terrian Bow
Wasteful Bow.png Wasteful Bow Woodland Bow.png Woodland Bow

See specific pages for individual weapon information, or see Bows for a comparison chart.


Conjuring Staff.png Conjuring Staff Dooms Bringer.png Dooms Bringer Fire Wand.png Fire Wand
Ice Wand.png Ice Wand Lightning Wand.png Lightning Wand Overgrown Staff.png Overgrown Staff
Staff of Crystal.png Staff of Crystal Staff of Divine Stone.png Staff of Divine Stone Staff of Enlightenment.png Staff of Enlightenment
Staff of Greenpace.png Staff of Greenpace Staff of Hellstone.png Staff of Hellstone Teleportation Staff.png Teleportation Staff
Wizards Star.png Wizards Star

See specific pages for individual weapon information, or see Staffs for a comparison chart.


Chaos Cannon.png Chaos Cannon Eye Blaster.png Eye Blaster Forest Plasma.png Forest Plasma
Nether Plasma.png Nether Plasma Ocean Plasma.png Ocean Plasma Rock Launcher.png Rock Launcher

See specific pages for individual weapon information, or see Cannons for a comparison chart.


Aquatic Knife.png Aquatic Knife Blood Knife.png Blood Knife Boiling Piercer.png Boiling Piercer
Charred Knife.png Charred Knife Corba Piercer.png Corba Piercer Demonic Bomb.png Demonic Bomb
Depths Piercer.png Depths Piercer Euca Piercer.png Euca Piercer Fire Bomb.png Fire Bomb
Frostbitten Piercer.png Frostbitten Piercer Frosty Piercer.png Frosty Piercer Frozen Piercer.png Frozen Piercer
Magic Bomb.png Magic Bomb Magic Pot of Destruction.png Magic Pot of Destruction Molten Knife.png Molten Knife
Nethic Piercer.png Nethic Piercer Sizzling Knife.png Sizzling Knife 40px Sky Piercer
Sunset Piercer.png Sunset Piercer

See specific pages for individual weapon information, or see Throwables for a comparison chart.