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40px Big Hongo 40px Blizzard 40px Blue Honglow
40px Boom Boom 40px Cave Mage 40px Caveling
40px Cavurn 40px Dunewerm 40px Fire Mage
40px Floro 40px Green Honglow 40px Ice Mage
40px Jungle Golem 40px Jungle Spider 40px Jungle Turtle
40px Medium Hongo 40px Red Honglow 40px Robot
40px Sand Crawler 40px Small Hongo 40px Spectre
40px Spyclopse 40px Stonewalker 40px Swamp Fly
40px Turducken 40px Wraith


40px Hell Cow 40px Hell Turtle 40px Hellbot
40px Inferno Blaze 40px Lavasnake 40px Mini Ghast
40px Reaper Witherspine.png Witherspine


40px Ender Crawler 40px Ender Leaper

Frozen Lands[edit]

40px Crystal Cluster 40px Frozen Frostbiter 40px Frozen Troll
40px Permafraust 40px Shatterer 40px Shivering Bushwalker
40px Shivering Shrieker 40px Shiverwing

Boiling Point[edit]

40px Burning Light 40px Frightener 40px Hellwing
40px Magma Blaze 40px Observer 40px Phoenix
40px Screamer


40px Dynaster 40px Euca Charger 40px Euca Fighter
40px Goldbot 40px Goldite Mage 40px Goldwing
40px Insecto 40px Psyollom 40px Shimmerer
40px Silverbot


40px Dark Sorcerer 40px Darkener 40px Darkness Crawler
40px Depths Beast 40px Depths Hunter 40px Lightener
40px Roc 40px Spiked Beast


40px Leaf Blower 40px Nature Mage 40px Overseer
40px Overseer Elder 40px Surface Seer 40px Tree Golem
40px Wood Creature 40px Woodpecker


40px Purplian 40px Terra Scatterer 40px Terragrow
40px Terralight Terrashroom.png Terrashroom 40px Terraslug


40px Cloud Flyer 40px Cloud Ghost 40px Sky Eel
40px Starlight Golem 40px Starlight Transporter 40px Starlight Walker