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Hello and welcome to the starting guide. This is a small guide that will give you a base walk-through of the mods.

Chapter 1, Overworld[edit]

So you've started off in a new world and you need to get to it. You have done what you normally would in a world and collecting Iron, then Diamonds.

After the Diamonds you can then start to mine the new modded ores in order to craft new armor and tools.

Chapter 2, Nether[edit]

After making your way into the Nether dimension, you should get some resources for crafting Summoning Table. After placing it into the Summoning Shrine you will be able to spawn your first boss using Calcia Orb, Netherbeast Orb or Soulless Eye.

That then will be able to grant your way into the Euca.

In the Nether you can also find locked towers made of Compact Nether Brick that you can open with Boil Key and get some blocks for building a portal to Boiling Point.