Summoning Shrine

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Summoning Shrine
Biome N/A
Consists of BloodRock.png Blood Rock
BloodRune.gif Blood Rune
BloodPillar.png Blood Pillar
BloodBricks.png Blood Bricks
CarvedBloodRock.png Carved Blood Rock
Obelisk.png Obelisk
Summoning Table.png Summoning Table
Version added
ID SummoningShrine

The Summoning Structure is a player-built structure that is required to use the Summoning Table.


To build the structure, the player will need to locate and mine Blood Rock, which generates in the Nether dimension in small veins. Blood Rock is then be used to craft the necessary blocks required to build the structure.

Step 1 Summoning Shrine 1.png
Step 2 Summoning Shrine 2.png
Step 3 Summoning Shrine 3.png
Step 4 Summoning Shrine 4.png
Step 5 Summoning Shrine 5.png