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Prerequisite dimension Corba

Terrania is a purple forested dimension.


Terrania is a dimension covered with trees. The dimension has 1 boss, as well as 3 structures and no ores. Terrania is part of the main progression.


Terrania can be accessed by building a nether-portal shaped portal with Terrania Portal Frame and lighting it with a Flame Coin. Terranua Portal Frames can be crafted from Terrania Portal Gems.


The landscape of Terrania is covered in trees. The upper layer is composed of Terranian Grass, with trees and plants on top, with Terranian Stone below. The terrain is flat.


Naturally Generating
Terranian Grass.png Terranian Grass
Terranian Stone.png Terranian Stone
32px Terranian Log
32px Terrania Leaves
32px Terranian Log
32px Pink Terrashroom Block
32px Purple Terrashroom Block
32px Terrania Lamp
32px Terranian Panels
32px Terranian Post
32px Tall Terranian Shroom
32px Terranian Shroom
32px Terranian Tallgrass
Generates in Structures
32px Terranian Panels
32px Terranian Dark Panels
32px Terrania Lamp
32px Terranian Post
32px Pink Terranian Shroom
32px Purple Terranian Shroom
32px Terrania Chest
Bedrock.png Bedrock


There are three structures that can be found in the Terrania:

Image Structure name Description
300px Hollow Tree These are small structures that contain spawners that contain the Terranian Trader.
300px Mushroom Dungeon These are small dungeons that contain 4 chests.
300px Tree Hut Small dungeons with a staircase leading to the hut. The hut contains a chest.


There are 6 Hostile mobs in Terrania. They Spawn naturally throught Terrania, but 1 of them spawns exclusively in a structure. All of the mobs are limited to land. (The Arana King is Work in progress).

There is one NPC and one boss in the dimension as well.


Name Spawning Requirement Useful Drops
Arana King.png Arana King Spawns in the Mushroom Dungeon. None
File:Terra Scatterer.png Terra Scatterer Spawns naturally. File:Dark Terranian Soil.png Dark Terranian Soil, Earthen Crystal.png Earthen Crystal
File:Terragrow.png Terragrow Spawns naturally. File:Light Terranian Soil.png Light Terranian Soil, Earthen Crystal.png Earthen Crystal
Terralight.png Terralight Spawns naturally. None
Terrashroom.png Terrashroom Spawns naturally Terrashroom.png Terrashroom
100px Terraslug Spawns naturally. Slug Slime.png Slug Slime

See individual mob pages for more information.


Name Spawning Requirement Useful Trades:
80px Terranian Trader Spawns in the Hollow Tree structure. Dark Terra Bow.png Dark Terra Bow, Lavender Bow.png Lavender Bow

See individual mob pages for more information.


The Resources that can be obtained in the Frozen Lands are:

Misc Items Obtained from
32px Dark Terranian Soil Terra Scatterer, Tree Hut
Earthen Crystal.png Earthen Crystal Terra Scatterer, Terragrow, Tree Hut
32px Light Terranian Soil Terragrow, Tree Hut
Slug Slime.png Slug Slime Terraslug, Tree Hut
Terrashroom.png Terrashroom Terrashroom
Bows Obtained from
Dark Terra Bow.png Dark Terra Bow Terranian Trader
Lavender Bow.png Lavender Bow Terranian Trader

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